About us

Anhui Yuwei Magnetoelectric Equipment Co., Ltd  is a high-tech company specialized in the manufacturing of magnetic materials , magnetic toys and magnetic applications in China. With a total investment of USD 4,000,000 and an area of 20,00 square meters.  We specialize in supplying Industrial magnets, ,Magnetic toys and Magnetic assemblies, the most important part (Industrial magnets) include NdFeB,Ferrite,rubber,AlNiCo,SmCo,etc, they are widely used in products around our lives.(Machinery, Audio/Video and Communication Equipment, Transportation, Energy, Medical Device, Office Automation,Apparatus, Auto Mobile Industry, Motive Power, Safety and so on).

Our company possesses first grade production lines in the country. Which produce 12000 tons of ferrite and 800 tons of  NdFeB of permanent magnet. Routine labs and test centers with full facilities and a large group of excellent technique specialists. So HOCHONT processes a wide range of high quality permanent magnets, ready to satisfy any practical requirement in every operating condition. All the products are manufactured according to ISO 9002 system and QS-9000.

Magnetic applications such as magnet kits,education magnet, physics instruments,magnet art&gift,stationery,magnet toys for children,DIY kits, magnetic hardware,magnetic jewerly, etc, are our main developing direction. Every year we exports about 10millions magnet application products to oversea. And more than 100 news items are being developed every year. R&D persons are working hard for satisfying our every customer and meeting new requirements. At every process,we control our cost and low down total cost to enhance our competitiveness and make large market. We have a good and diligent teamwork to cooperate closely with customers, provide the best method to clients and help them to solve technical problems in a short time.

'survive by quality, develop by innovation, Benefit to Customer' is our idea.   

We sincerely would like to cooperate with friends from worldwide countries, are striving to develop magnetic material and new magnetic applications.